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Healthcare Technology Consulting, founded by Mark Schwartz, has more than 30 years experience in the healthcare field. Mr. Schwartz had over 15 years of increasing responsibility at GE Healthcare, a large global healthcare company, and subsequently founded three successful healthcare companies. The most recent example was IMCO Technologies, where after founding the corporation, Mr. Schwartz developed and grew the company and then sold the business to Amcom Software.

Mark Schwartz has held positions as Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Software Developer.



President - Healthcare Technology Consulting
Expertise in strategic planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, product management, engineering management, and software development.

Clinical experience with Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology and Laboratory, Orthopedics, and Emergency Medicine.

Specialized skills in digital medical imaging, healthcare information technology and informatics, EHR, PACS, speech recognition, critical alerting (CTRM), and mobile medical applications (MMA) in healthcare.

General Manager - Amcom Software
Leadership of Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) business. After selling IMCO Technologies’ business to Amcom Software, worked for Amcom to get things off to a good start, which was successfully accomplished.
President/CEO - IMCO Technologies
Founder and chief executive for a healthcare software company. After starting the corporation, developed and grew the company before selling the business to Amcom Software.
General Manager - Rogan Medical Systems
Founded and led a U.S. company to distribute the PACS (picture archiving and communication system) technology of a Dutch company. Successfully sold the company to a group of private investors.
Founder - ValueQuest
Founded and led a company to obtain high-tech radiology equipment available in the U.S. and provide this equipment to China and other international markets.
Manager - GE Healthcare
Progressively increasing responsibility in product development, project management, engineering management, product management, sales and marketing management, and general management.